Address:4171 Bloomfield Rd., Macon, GA 31206
Telephone: (478)-788-7558
   Hours Of Operations
Monday to Friday:
7:30 AM-6:30 PM;

9:00 AM- 4:00 PM;

Sunday Closed
(Hours of operation subject to change)
A combination of both care and technology combine synergistically to provide fantastic results. We go that extra mile with every item we dry clean, from covering buttons prior to dry cleaning to prevent damage to removing items of trim. Each garment is individually inspected and the stain removal is performed by hand.

We believe we are a natural choice for all your dry cleaning requirements. Our specialist services include wedding dress cleaning, curtain cleaning and a hand finished laundry service.

We use state of the art high-tech dry cleaning equipment.

Look good, feel good        Dress for success
                         Looking for Job? Dress-up       Got spots?

While we focus on keeping your clothes clean, fresh and pressed, we're also deeply committed to doing our part for a clean environment. We also recycle hangers and poly bags at our location. So bring back your hangers and bring back your plastic bags. We'll take care of everything!